Hot Chocolate Contemplation - Silk Square

HCT3030 2019.jpg
HCT3030 2019.jpg

Hot Chocolate Contemplation - Silk Square

from 35.00

Taken from Ailish’s original painting, this piece was inspired by the artists travels in Paris, France.

Transposed onto luxury silk, this painting becomes wearable art.

Available in a variety of sizes, please choose from the drop down menu.

30cm x 30cm £35.00

50cm x 50cm £70.00

70cm x 70cm £90.00

90cm x 90cm £120.00

Custom sizes are available upon request.

Please note that most items are individually created to order, this requires time for the printing and hand rolling and finishing process, thus you will be advised via email upon posting.

Size Guide

Every size of Silk Square has multiple uses. Depending on the dimensions you purchase, your items may be used as a:

  • Traditional Pocket Square (Small Size)

  • Wrist tie (Small and Medium sizes)

  • Bag decoration (Small and Medium sizes)

  • Frameable piece (Any size)

  • Shawl (Large and Extra Large sizes)

  • Headband (Small and Medium Sizes)

  • Neckerchief (All sizes)

  • Turban (Medium and Large sizes)

  • Table decoration (Any size)

  • Scarf (All sizes)

  • Wrap / Beach cover-up (Extra Large)

    Need more inspiration? Check out @ailish_henderson on Instagram or contact the artist directly with any questions using her Contact facility via this website.

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