Developed talks and lectures, suitable for Textile groups, Guilds and Organizations, she tells us....

‘From stories to stitch, Using Textiles to embroider your story’

This talk, centres on the inspiration I use as a basis for my work.  “Life experiences, good and bad, can influence us for the positive or the negative, it is our choice”.

'My stitched story:  New chapters'

This talk, goes deeper into personal themes that have influenced my work and how textiles can be a vent for self expression and a way to heal hurt and stress related issues.

'Stitched Collage Portraits'

My own body of work surrounding this theme has recently gained much interest from the public.  Thus within this lecture, I vocally and visually explore how I create my pieces; what underpins my inspiration and how you too, can create your own.  I bring along samples of my collections, including previously exhibited works from my own solo exhibition and magazine published pieces to illustrate the discussion.  I allow time within my conclusion for questions from the audience.

'Creating a personal narrative'

Through the course of my career, I have often focused on personal experiences as a foundation for my art.  More recently I have delved into my own family history archives to use as a research point.  Within this talk, I discuss how I have used my findings to develop sensitive and sensory pieces.  I encourage my audience to do the same with their own personal resources; explaining how it is possible.  For this talk I bring along my outcomes related to this subject matter, including recently made "archive" books.

'A Textile learning curve:  A journey though a BA in Textiles'

'A light hearted look at what it is really like to do a BA, the ups and downs, the stories.......along with helpful advice for those who would like to begin a more formal way of learning Textiles and Fine Art.'

'Creative Sketchbooks' 

Learn how I have personally made sketchbooks and how you can create your own, using inspiration from memories, travel and even your own home.

'Butchery, a journey through dress making'

I recently created three garments from cutting up previously worn clothing and lingerie, using every part for new wearables!  This talk discusses the processes used, as well as their time being exhibited. 

Workshops / Masterclasses'

I take bookings for any groups, guilds or galleries/venues who would like me to visit to teach a class, please contact me for more information.

Below is a list of a few subjects:

  • ‘Feeling the heat - Creative bonding and fusing' - Creative use of materials and techniques, to create new fabrics and beads with heat distressing tools, such as a Heat Gun and Soldering Iron.

  • 'Stitched Collage Portraits' - Inspired by my own work, this class guides students through the process of making their own portrait outcomes.  Play with paper and collage, which will be mill mix with other media, with the choice to add stitch.  See my 'Reflective Self Portraits' gallery for a visual guide.  You don't have to be able to draw, its all about exploring the collage aspect and expressing your personality!

  • 'Boro Style Patchwork' - The term boro is the Japanese word to describe clothes and household items which have been patched-up and repaired many times; it literally means old cloth.  This technique has been passed down for many centuries and is often used to create family heirlooms. Within this class, you will learn to make your own small piece of boro, personalized to you.  Although all materials are included, feel free to bring along any fabric pieces precious to you, which would like to incorporate.  Hand stitching together can be beautifully simplistic, so is suitable for those with little confidence.  Leave the class with at least a start on your boro journey!

  • 'All coloured out' - Using hand dyed materials, along with a special decolourant paste, stencils and printing blocks, learn how to create a unique fabric.  Once painted or printed onto fabric, left to dry and then heated by ironing, the decolourant paste discharges the colour from hand dyed fabric, revealing your lovely design.  The fabric you create can then be used in subsequent projects you may have in mind.

  • Cloth Doll Design and Creation  Day course based around a basic doll design that Ailish has created; that you can then embellish and clothe to your own specification.

  • Creative Sketchbooks Learn how to use fine art, mixed media and Textiles to create beautiful pages for your sketchbooks.

  • Felt making (various skill areas)  Nuno scarves, Cloche Hat designing and felting, Hand-Felted bags and Jewellery based around the medium of wool.

Other subjects are available on discussion, including a range of Fine Art and Print Making classes.  Please contact me for more information.


“Excellent tutor, fabulous workshop” (Anon. Student at The Knitting and Stitching Show, Harrogate 2018)

"Ailish is an inspiration.  My daughter is a bit younger than Ailish and not interested in Textiles or Art.  However hearing Ailish's talk 'From Stories to Stitch' has given me hope that she too may one day take up Art!  It is so refreshing to meet a young Artist".  (Alnwick Embroiders' Guild Member. 2015)

"Ailish gave us a graphic outline of her life, relevant to her artwork...She brought along her stitched cake, which is an amazing creation demonstrating all her many skills...intricate and inspirational".  (Report by Linda Pepper, Border Textile Group.  October 2015)